Quality & reliability

More than the regulations require: in order to meet our own high quality standards, we leave nothing to chance. All our products and solutions can be relied upon – in every situation, and for many years to come.

You can rely on us

Our products are used in a variety of application fields, meaning that in each different environment they have to meet the relevant quality standards and still function reliably. We never tire of searching for a suitable solution, even for the most challenging of applications. Our own high quality standards are reflected not only in the design and function of our products, but also in the broad range of services we offer. We guarantee top-level quality in our provision of comprehensive support and advice, encompassing international approvals, documentation, certification, technical support and individual process analyses.

More than the regulations require

We produce with a high vertical range of manufacture, the greatest care and following the strictest quality stipulations. In order to guarantee that our products also hold up in practice, they are not only tested systematically in laboratory conditions, but on occasion also in real-life field tests. For example, some of our switches and sensors for the maritime sector are tested in real-life weather conditions in the North Sea, off the island of Helgoland. The results of these tests lead to continual optimisation of our products.

Our product worlds

For greater transparency, our range of products and solutions is divided into three product worlds: Meditec, Controltec and Leantec.

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