Our comprehensive product range includes controls, switches and sensors for safeguarding, monitoring, operating and automating machines and plants, in particular within our specialist fields Extreme and Wireless.


It all started with the classic steute industrial switches and command devices for automation, but over the years our application-oriented approach and focus on individual customer wishes and needs have led to many "specialists". They include, for example, sensors for use in maritime applications, extremely compact wireless position switches, solenoid interlocks for Ex zones or corrosion-proof sensors in various protection classes.

Our solutions for applications in extreme ambient conditions

Extreme cold or heat, damp, vibrations, dust, risk of explosion: where other switching devices reach their limits, our "Extreme" products are in their element. They have been developed especially for use in fields such as extreme temperatures, the hygiene-sensitive foodstuffs industry or heavily soiled production areas.

In addition to high protection classes such as IP68 or 69, our Extreme products feature corrosion-proof and dust-tight enclosures, and can be used without problems in temperatures from -40 °C to +85 °C, as well as in e.g. heavy-duty environments. This business unit also includes switching devices for use in explosive zones. They comply with the international standards, as well as with country-specific regulations (ATEX, IECEx, cCSAus, INMETRO, CCC, UKEx), guaranteeing Ex protection up to zones 0 or 20.

Remote control experts – our Wireless solutions

Another core area of our business is Wireless. Our Wireless range contains cable-free switching devices and controls which are used throughout the world and in all manner of industrial application fields. They communicate via different frequencies and protocols, and can be adapted to manifold requirements thanks to their modular design.

Low-energy technology means that the steute Wireless switches and sensors work with long battery lifetimes or generate the power they require through "energy harvesting".

Here, too, the application fields include explosive zones, as well as safety systems. Our wireless expertise paired with our drive to find new possibilities have repeatedly led to exclusive developments in recent years, ranging from simple wireless point-to-point solutions to complex wireless networks.

Examples of application fields using our Controltec products

Special-purpose mechanical and plant engineering
Automation technology
Conveyor technology
Automotive industry
Shipbuilding and port technology
Renewable energies
Foodstuffs industry

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