Automotive industry

With steute you can rely on an experienced partner for digital and automated shop floor solutions in the automotive industry.

Challenges posed by car manufacturing

The automotive industry is one of the largest branches within the manufacturing sector and a pioneer when it comes to using state-of-the-art intralogistics. Technologies change fast, in turn entailing changes on the shop floor.

One example is the emergence and enormous growth of electric mobility. The production of electric cars and batteries is running at full speed, causing changes to internal organisation. Intralogistics processes need continual adaptation, and mechanical changes can only be mastered using versatile switches and sensors.

We can automate and optimise your shop floor

With "nexy" we have created a universally applicable communication network for Industry 4.0 which is driving digitalisation and process optimisation significantly forward in the automotive industry, while at the same time reducing costs.

In order to automate and simplify production routines, we have developed a comprehensive range of products. A wide variety of versatile switches and sensors are available to deal with mechanical changes on the shop floor as they arise. Our range also includes numerous additional components, "point-to-point" and wireless solutions equipping you to handle the changing demands of technology.

Use our expertise to your own advantage

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