We research, we develop and we are always on the lookout for new and innovative ideas. With our large and specialised team, we are able to realise customised developments, as well as contribute to advancing pioneering research projects.

Expertise & developments

Whether in medicine, industry or intralogistics: digitalisation and integration are topics prevailing in very different branches and application fields today. For us it is therefore especially important to play a part in shaping the next evolutionary steps in our chosen business areas. Our very capable R&D department, with its many highly qualified specialists, is the springboard for our pioneering innovations and developments.

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Research partners & projects

In cooperation with our research and cooperation partners, we work today on the innovations of tomorrow. Focal points of our research range from topics such as the "Internet of Things" to the "integrated OR" to "Industry 4.0".

In addition to projects with a focus on new technological developments, we also cooperate with renowned universities and polytechnics, for example in conjunction with dual degree courses, qualifying and training our future specialists and managers. Find out more about our most important research projects and cooperation partners.

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"The core value of our company is technology and our knowledge of it. That makes steute what it is."

Marc Stanesby
Managing Director

Quality & reliability

We never cease to optimise the quality and reliability of our products, participating in numerous research projects and developing innovative products for a wide range of applications.

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