There is always room for improvement. With steute by your side, you will be able to exploit the full optimisation potential of your logistics processes for material and inventory flow.

Challenges posed by intralogistics

The right quantity in the right place at the right time: intralogistics revolves around precision control of material flow and smooth running of all production processes. And then there are complex challenges such as multi-step material requisition or high product variability.

Different assembly processes must interleave just in time, impending production bottlenecks must be prevented, changing demands must be dynamically met during operations. Not only time management, but also guaranteed efficient and resource-saving production processes are crucial if high production costs are to be avoided.

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Optimise processes – reduce costs

Our digital shop floor solutions have contributed to driving forward process optimisation and digitalisation in production logistics. With the help of precise real-time information, "nexy" provides you with a digital twin of your industrial production processes at all times. Data transparency means that material requisition times can be shortened, superfluous stock reduced and excess capacity avoided.

Whether for the automated provision of materials in eKanban racks or the location-independent remote control of stack lights: with "nexy" and its many different applications, you will be able to exploit the optimisation potential of your production to the full.

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