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A logical changeover. From a provider of components to a provider of systems and network solutions

Digitalisation means that manufacturers of components are expanding their portfolio to provide their customers with systems and network solutions, which usually entails increased engineering effort. For steute, this changeover is clearly reflected in its new company name. In an interview with GIT SICHERHEIT, Managing Director Marc Stanesby explains the reasons behind the changeover.

Source: GIT Sicherheit + Management (09/2018)
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Connecting two worlds - Bridging the gap between wireless sensor and IT system

Using wireless networks, mechanical and plant engineers are able to find simple solutions to complex problems involving sensor-actuator communication. With its Sensor Bridge as a communication and configuration interface, the latest sWave.NET generation can be integrated directly in superordinate IT infrastructures.

Source: SPS-Magazin (09/2018)
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Kanban 4.0 – remote control - Wireless networks in production and intralogistics

"Pull not push" is the principle according to which Kanban systems manage replenishment, e.g. at assembly workstations. The Kanban card system became established decades ago and has recently been "electronified". Sensors register when containers and racks need replenishing. This is particularly easy if special sensors are used which can communicate via a wireless network.

Source: Der Betriebsleiter (7-8/2018)
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Safety foot switches - remote control enabling

Press brakes and other forming machines are often operated using a safety foot switch. For such applications special switching inserts exist. Ergonomic comfort and operational safety can be improved by using remote control enabling foot switches with safety-related wireless technology.

Source: A&D (7+8/2018)
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Uninterrupted communication - Network-compatible sensors for intralogistics

E-Kanban, AGV fleets and paper-free consignments: these are all typical applica-tions for wireless switches and sensors. In intralogistics applications, such switches and sensors are often integrated in flexibly configurable wireless net-works. A "sensor bridge" facilitates simple connection to the superordinate IT infrastructure, permitting uninterrupted communication paths from the shop floor to the material flow management or ERP system.

Source: Hebezeuge Fördermittel (06/2018)
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