Multifunctional signal exchange - Wireless network improves material supplies in assembly halls

Information flow before material flow: this is an old principle established for e.g. ERP and warehouse management systems. Practice has shown, however, that even with this principle there can still be gaps in the material supply – especially in the manufacture of variants. A wireless-based requisition system can help in such cases, and can also assume additional tasks.

Source: MY FACTORY (03/2024)

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Automated material requisition systems - Wireless sensors manage replenishments to the "last metre"

Sensors which communicate by remote control have considerable advantages, especially in the field of intralogistics. They can be used anywhere, for example to track load carriers on their way from the warehouse to wherever the material is to be assembled. Replenishments are then needs-based. This is a good basis for an automated requisition system, which is also able to assume other tasks on the shop floor.

Source: Technische Logistik (03/2024)

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Explosion protection meets machine safety - Safety switchgear for special requirements

Safety switching devices used in Ex zones have to meet two different sets of complex requirements: explosion protection and machine safety. Designers also have to choose between different types of construction and different active principles. This is true for both heavy-duty applications and machines used for the processing and packaging of e.g. (dust-)explosive foodstuffs.

Source: CITplus (03/2024)

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Customised user interfaces - Control systems in the OR

The proportion of control systems which are customised is growing rapidly. Preparations for the interoperable OR, where multiple medical devices are controlled via a central user interface, are also progressing at full speed. The benefits of customised user interfaces will be explored in this article.

Source: DeviceMed (01/2024)

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User interface with integrated sensors

More functions for foot switches - The OR user interfaces of the future will be mechatronic integrated devices (MID) with special surfaces. Thanks to new production techniques, it is now possible to integrate conductive paths, sensors or antennas in the surfaces. Examples can be seen at the Medica.

Source: medizin&technik (06/2023)

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Wireless has the advantage - Automated material requisition on the shop floor

For a long time, wireless networks had a bad reputation in factories regarding their reliability. But the trend towards flexible (serial) production, e.g. in car assembly plants, has led to them increasingly being integrated in communication structures. Wireless protocols developed specifically for such applications are favoured.

Source: SPS-Magazin (2/2023)

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OR.NET: for integration in the OR – SDC also with real-time data transmission

Some tasks in the OR require a real-time link between interoperable medical devices. Corresponding extensions to the SDC standard compiled by OR.NET are in preparation. At the Medica 2023, these extensions will be shown at the steute Meditec booth.

Source: Published on the website of medizin&technik (10/2023)

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More containers, please! Versatile wireless network for intralogistics

The best solution for precise management of material requisition in assembly and production halls is a wireless network which keeps its eyes and ears open – so to speak – and knows where replenishments are located at all times. This guarantees that all assembly points are kept supplied – without shortfalls, across the entire process.

Source: MY FACTORY (10/2023)

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Precision requisition management in intralogistics – Universal wireless network as a platform

"At one fell swoop" – this is the simplest way to describe the different ways of using a wireless network for requisition management. The nexy network assumes multiple functions and facilitates precise control of material flow in production, assembly and consignment.

Source: f+h Fördern und Heben (09/2023)

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Machine safety and Ex protection

Machines which are constructed for mechanical process engineering applications in explosive zones have to meet not one, but two demanding sets of rules and standards. They are – for good reason – subject to both machine safety requirements and explosion protection requirements. At the Powtech, steute will be showing switching devices for this special combination of demands – and presenting a new product.

Source: Technische Sicherheit 13 (07-08/2023)

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Wireless networks for information flow

How are moving components and load carriers to be integrated in the company information flow? A wireless-based automated material requisition system is available for just this task and monitors stock precisely anywhere within the (material) flow.

Source: INDUSTRIAL Production (5/2023)

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SDC: Operate multiple medical devices using a single control - New tasks and new technologies for user interfaces

Wireless user interfaces are now standard in the OR – and enable multiple medical devices to be controlled by a single user interface.

Source: meditronic-journal (2/2023)

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