Actuator AZM 415-B30-06

Accessories for Ex AZM 415 / Ex AZP 415
Material number: 1186306
(Material number old: 01.08.0262)
  • Suitable for all guard types
  • Hinge radius not to be observed
  • No further handles/levers required on the guard
  • Latching actuating handle
  • Emergency handle to open guard from within the guarded area:
    1. Press push-button, 2. Turn emergency handle
  • Shearing force 25,000 N
  • Lockout tag SZ 415-1 or SZ 415-2 available to prevent unintentional closing
  • For door thickness max. 100 mm
  • Door hinge on left-hand side
  • Actuator mounted outside, see yellow marking in drawing
  • Only to be used in combination with Ex AZM 415 2Ö/2S-TE

Mounting AZM 415-B30-06

Actuator AZM 415-B30

Actuator mounted outside