Interview with Silas Arius

What expectations did you have at the beginning of your traineeship, and have they been fulfilled?

Before I came to steute, I already had a traineeship elsewhere. I didn't really like it, and after a while I made the decision to change company.  My mother had been working for steute for a long time and gave me the contact data, enabling me to send an unsolicited application to my present boss.
In changing my traineeship, I hoped my work would be more interesting, and on arriving at steute this was the case. For example, at my old company I had to do the same things every day, but now I have a whole range of tasks and new challenges – my expectations have been fulfilled.

What are your tasks, and what do you like best about your traineeship?

I can remember that on my very first day at steute I was already allowed to consign production orders. That means collecting together all the correct articles in the correct quantities for the factory. Another one of my tasks is accepting incoming goods which have come through our quality inspection. I have to enter them in our system and store them in the warehouse. I also take care of storing finished articles which have come from the shop floor.

Many colleagues come to us from other departments. For example, a colleague from the factory might need 60 relays. My task is to find them for him in the warehouse, which usually involves operating the shuttles.

What I like most is driving the different conveyors, like the tugger train, the pallet truck or the forklift. At the beginning of my traineeship I took part in an official course which resulted in a driving licence for these special vehicles. The next year of my traineeship will include additional activities in the dispatch and incoming goods departments, which I am also really looking forward to.


"We all work really well together and help each other where we can."

How would you describe the interaction with your colleagues? What is the atmosphere like at steute?

The interaction with my colleagues is very good. We all work really well together and help each other where we can. For example, if I need articles from the pre-assembly and another colleague is going there anyway, he will get them for me.
The atmosphere is good throughout and I feel equally at home whether I am in the warehouse, the pre-assembly or the dispatch areas.

What would you say to a new trainee?

I would say that he can always ask if he is unsure about something. Experience has taught me that there is no such thing as a stupid or unwanted question at steute. And that he can always be himself – nobody has to put on an act here.