With our intelligent system solution "nexy" we will be by your side as you move towards the digital shop floor, helping you to improve your manufacturing and intralogistics processes significantly and efficiently, all over the world.


"nexy" is a universally viable Industry 4.0 communication network which can sustainably optimise the digitalisation and processes of your shop floor logistics. This wireless sensor network solution is versatile and offers multiple short and long-term benefits.

On the basis of precise real-time information, captured and visualised using innovative hard and software, you maintain an overview of your industrial manufacturing processes at all times, enabling you to reduce your intralogistics costs considerably. Complete data transparency of your material flow especially enables you to shorten material requisition times, avoid surplus capacity and reduce stock.

Reliable partner for the digitalisation of your material flow

We support you during all project phases – from first analysis and conception, to introduction and integration of your individual wireless sensor network solution, to support and continual optimisation during live operations. Once implementation has been completed successfully, we as a long-term partner remain dedicated to advising and helping you on your path, as well as with product extensions and additional features.

The core of the system solution, and the central communication interface for the entire sensor network, is our Sensor Bridge software. It is easy to integrate in any production environment, as well as existing IT systems such as MES or ERP, and also features intuitive configuration, user-friendliness and multiple modular extension options.

The wireless infrastructure – reliable, safe and versatile

As a customer, you profit from our expertise and many years of experience in industrial wireless and sensor applications. With its sWave.NET® wireless technology, steute has developed a flexible solution for integratng switches and sensors in the industrial data landscape. With its very high availability and extremely low power consumption, this wireless technology sets new standards, especially regarding range, transmission reliability and battery life.

Several hundred switches and sensors can be integrated at the same time and in the same restricted location. All captured data are transmitted safely to the target system in question. The modular system design permits different high-quality components to be individually combined and even used in different ways. This means that very different applications can be implemented affordably, efficiently and in line with the relevant requirements.

Examples of nexy applications

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