Safety switches

Safety switches are used to monitor the position of safeguards (guard doors and flaps). As soon as a guard door is opened, the safety switch transmits a signal to a safety-related evaluation or control unit, which triggers an immediate stop of the machine function or dangerous movements.

For this task, steute also produces safety switches with a separate actuator which are perfect for safeguards which slide sideways, turn or can be removed. The switching devices are available with different coded actuators – including some for small radii.

For lift systems, steute manufactures door contacts with positive break. They are designed to be analogue to the safety switches and monitor the closing and locking of lift doors.

Safety switches with separate actuator

Safety switches for hinged guards

Door contacts with positive break

Safety hinge switches

Special members of this steute product range include safety hinge switches for turning safeguards. Because they are installed on the same side as the hinge, no cables have to be laid to the door handle, and when the guard door is open, there is no actuator in the way.

Machine safety and explosion protection

The steute "Extreme" range includes several safety switch series for extreme environments and explosive zones. The door contacts with positive break for lift systems, for example, are also available in both Ex and Extreme versions. These series naturally comply with the requirements of the Machinery Directive, as well as the ATEX regulations.

Position switches with safety function and safety sensors present an alternative to safety switches with a separate actuator. The steute range includes the corresponding safety-related evaluaton units.