Pull-wire switches and emergency pull-wire switches

The two switch types are very similar in appearance, yet have fundamentally different functions and goals. In both cases, pulling the wire triggers a signal. Pull-wire switches are used, for example, to open or close electric gates, while emergency pull-wire switches fulfil safety-related tasks. When pulled, they trigger an emergency stop function.

Emergency pull-wire switches

An "emergency-stop extension cable" is a good way to sum up the function of emergency pull-wire switches. At any point along the wire, which can be up to 130 m long, the emergency-stop function can be triggered. Applications include transport and conveyor systems, as well as plants containing large hazardous zones, e.g. in the woodworking or packaging industries.

All steute emergency pull-wire switches comply with EN ISO 13850 ("Safety of machinery – Emergency-stop function – Principles for design"). They are equipped with integrated wire break monitoring, which guarantees that the emergency-stop function is also triggered if the wire should break.

In addition to emergency pull-wire switches for general engineering, the steute range also includes series suitable for extreme ambient conditions and for explosive zones, as well as special "mining" versions for the mining industry.

Pull-wire switches

One pull of the wire and a rolling gate opens or closes. This is a typical application for a pull-wire switch actuated by manual pulling. Variants exist with or without a locking function. The pull-wire switches without a locking function transmit a single switching impulse when actuated. Devices with a locking function, on the other hand, trigger the switching impulse repeatedly until re-actuated.

steute has a wide range of pull-wire switch series for general automation. Plus a number of remote control pull-wire switches, which communicate with the receiver unit by radio. Assembly and installation are reduced to a minimum in such switches. The electrical energy for signal transmission is acquired through "energy harvesting": a miniaturised electrodynamic energy generator converts the kinetic energy produced when the wire is pulled.

The business unit "Extreme" offers various switchgear series differing with regard to their protection class, degree of explosion protection, switch size and temperature range. The Extreme product range also includes a wireless Ex-protected pull-wire switch variant.