Position switches

Position switches, limit switches, terminal switches: many different terms for the same principle. Position switches are used whenever moving parts have to be positioned, controlled or monitored on machines and plants. The actuating element detects whether a final position has been reached or a guard door closed, for example, and then sends a corresponding signal via the switching contact to the superordinate receiver or control system. This makes these switches "classic" members of the electrical engineering and automation field.

A position switch – the C 50 miniature limit switch – was also the first product ever presented by steute to its customers, back in 1961. Today steute offers a wide range of position switches with or without safety function.

Anti-two-block switches

Ex circuit breaker for Ex luminaires

Position switches: generalists and specialists

The various steute position switches differ in their actuators (rocking levers, roller levers, spring rods…), in their switching inserts (number of NC/NO contacts; snap or slow-action) and in their housing material (plastic or metal). Many series have standard dimensions (EN 50041 or EN 50047). In addition to the versatile basic products, the range also includes "specialists" for defined tasks. Upper limit switches are used in cranes, for example, sending a signal when the hook block has reached its uppermost point. Slack rope switches, in contrast, are used in conveyor systems to monitor rope tension.

Limit switches for general automation

In Löhne, steute develops and manufactures position switches for general automation technology which are both very durable and very reliable. The spectrum ranges from miniature limit switches to heavy-duty upper limit switches. The position switches are often used in safety-related applications, e.g. for the position monitoring of guard doors.

Positioning and monitoring in extreme environments

The steute business unit Extreme has products which include ATEX-certified position switches for explosive zones, limit switches for extreme temperatures and switches for applications in very dirty environments. One special series within the Extreme range is cable-free, explosion-protected position switches which communicate with a receiver unit by remote control. These products are to be found under the heading Ex wireless position switches. The Ex 97 and Ex 99 limit switches are also new and unique to the steute product range. These position switches are explosion-protected variants which can be used in ambient temperatures down to -60 °C and which still pass the 7-Joule impact test.

Position switches from our Wireless range: cable-free 

Wireless position switches open up whole new possibilities and bring additional flexibility to the construction of machines and plants. These switches can be installed very easily – even on moving components. The steute business unit Wireless offers different series and different wireless protocols (sWave® or EnOcean) which differ, amongst other things, in their range and transmission mode (with/without confirmation of receipt, uni/bidirectional). Suitable position switches are also available for integration in the sWave.NET® wireless network.

Synonyms for position switches

Position switches, limit switches,  terminal switches.

Microswitches, miniature push-buttons, miniature limit switches: mini variants used in control units.

Miniature limit switches: mini final position switches with slow-action switching.