Multi-function handles

"A firm grip": steute developed its TG/TGM series of multi-function handles according to this principle. Machine operators no longer have to press a button on an external control panel in order to, for example, release the safety interlock of a guard door. Instead, the switching function is located precisely where it is needed: on the handle used to open the guard door.

All models in the TG/TGM series have a similar construction. The robust and well-designed handle can be equipped, for example, with a push button for releasing the interlock. Two LEDs signalise whether the guard door is locked or released. When the green LED is lit, operators simply use their thumb to press the releasing push button and then open the guard door using the same hand.

This not only saves mounting and installation costs, but also optimises ergonomic comfort. Operators have a firm grip on the situation, in the truest sense of the word. Even on the emergency-stop button, which can be optionally fitted to the top of the multi-function handle. In addition, up to two further push buttons can be integrated in the TG doorhandle.

Two design variants

The multi-function handles are available in two different designs. In the TG series, the housing is made completely out of plastic and the door handle length is variable. The TGM series was developed for machines which have to look good. The aluminium handle is silver anodised, and handle lengths of 200 and 300 mm are available. Both series feature plug connectors.

The multi-function handles are also available in a remote control version as the RF TGM series, requiring no cables to be laid. The signals are transmitted via the sWave® SW868/SW915 wireless technology developed by steute, and the power is supplied by an exchangeable lithium battery. This makes mounting on guard doors and cages much simpler. And here, too, the design is modular: the wireless multi-function handles can be fitted with up to four different push buttons.