Safeguarding doors along protective fences

In protective fencing systems, guard door positions need to be monitored. In the oil and gas industry, explosion protection regulations also apply, of course, meaning that two comprehensive sets of regulations – machine safety and explosion protection – have to be taken into account here.

Safeguarding doors along protective fences


Depending on the exact specification, the solution is a safety switch which only monitors the position of the guard door or one which also switches off the machine or system as soon as the door is opened.

If it is necessary for the guard door to remain closed at all times, for example because machines are running, then construction engineers can opt for an Ex safety solenoid interlock. These devices only release the door locking mechanism when hazardous work processes have been completed.


Construction engineers have different realisation options. They can choose between position switches with a safety function, safety switches with a separate actuator and non-contact safety sensors – all in Ex-protected designs with corresponding certification. The solenoid interlocks are available in different designs with plastic and metal housings. All of the abovementioned switches are suitable for use in corrosive environments and meet the requirements set out in the machine guidelines, as well as the ATEX manufacturer guidelines.

Customer benefit

These safeguarding devices for doors are used in adverse conditions. They must be waterproof and corrosion-resistant, while meeting the demands of explosion protection. The safety switches provided by the steute business division Extreme have been developed especially with these requirements in mind.

Safeguarding doors along protective fences