Door monitoring (Energy)

The steute switchgear range for “wireless security” makes it easier to monitor industrial objects in energy management and other branches. Signal contacts for various doors can be monitored from one central control room.

Door monitoring


The switches selected here need to be completely suitable for use out of doors. In many energy management plants it is also necessary – at least in some areas – to adhere to explosion protection regulations.


The position of the door is monitored using a wireless position switch which is as compact as it is robust, without any cables needing to be laid. Because the switch works according to the “energy harvesting” principle, it does not need a battery either. The switch transmits its radio signals to a receiver unit which – depending on the selected antenna – can be up to 700 m away (in the free field). If multi-channel receivers are used, several wireless switches can communicate with one receiver and evaluator unit. 

Customer benefit

It is possible to reduce the effort of installation considerably by using wireless switchgear, especially in larger plants, since no cables have to be laid. This is also and particularly true for power plants which are subject to explosion protection regulations.

Door monitoring