Position monitoring of skylights

Skylights play an important role in the ventilation of industrial halls, reception areas, corridors, etc. They are usually difficult to access. All the more important to have a position monitoring system in place – not only for climatic reasons, but also to prevent rain from entering the building and to safeguard against burglary.

Position monitoring of skylights


The chosen switching devices should fulfil their task inconspicuously and without needing maintenance. They should also be as easy as possible to install.


These requirements can be met with wireless position switches which work according to the “energy harvesting” principle. The kinetic energy created when the plunger is actuated is transformed by an electrodynamic energy generator into electrical energy. This small amount of energy is sufficient to transmit the radio signal to the receiver unit. This means that the switches need neither a cabled power supply nor signal wiring nor a battery. A single switch is sufficient to monitor the positions “open/closed”. Users can choose between different wireless standards (EnOcean; sWave 868/915).

Customer benefit

The wireless position switches are very fast to install, with no cables to lay. After mounting and “teaching in” (in just a few simple steps) they function reliably and require no maintenance.

Position monitoring of skylights