BZ 16 IP69 Extreme

  • Version with higher degree of protection IP69: suitable for cleaning with 80 °C hot water at 100 bar pressure at a distance of 100 mm from different directions
  • Thermoplastic enclosure
  • Long life
  • Differential inputs: Induction / magnetic operating principle
  • Internal monitoring, high manipulation protection
  • Potential-free outputs
  • Signalling contact
  • Status LED
  • 1 NO/2 NC contact or 3 NC contacts
  • Available with 2 different actuating planes:
    actuating from the top "T",
    actuating from the front "F".
    Please indicate the desired actuating plane when ordering.
  • Rated switching distance sn = 12 mm
  • Wiring compartment
  • N.B.: Please state required international approvals with your order!
  • 1 cable gland M20x1.5 - IP69 and 2 locking screws M20x1.5 included in delivery
  • The actuator is not included in the delivery of the switches

Technical data

Applied standardsEN 61000-6-1, -2, -3, -4;
EN 60947-5-2; EN 60947-5-3;
EN ISO 14119; EN 60204-1;
EN ISO 13849-1; EN 62061;
Enclosureglass-fibre reinforced, shock-proof thermoplastic, self-extinguishing UL 94 V-0
Defined objectactuator BZ 16-B1 with low coding
Sensor typetype 4 interlocking device
Coding levellow coding
Tightening torquesensor mounting screws: max. 2 Nm
cover of sensor: max. 1.5 Nm
actuator: max. 2 Nm
Switching distancessn = 12 mm (10 mm with flush mounting)
sao = 10 mm (8 mm with flush mounting)
sar = 25 mm
(Minimum distance 2 mm for approach from side.)
Hysteresis (approx.)6 mm
Sideways tolerance≤ 3 mm
Repeatability± 1 mm
Safety-relevant data:
EN ISO 13849-1Performance Level PL e
DC/DCavg96 %
B10d (10 % load)20 million
TMmax. 20 years
MTTFd100 years
EN 62061SIL CL 3
PFHd≥ 4.29 x 10-8 1/h
Safety requirements nop
hop8 h/day
dop220 days/year
tzyklus20 s
Rated operating current/voltage Ie/Ue140 mA/24 VDC ± 15 %
(reverse voltage protected);
output contacts: max. 3 A/24 VAC/DC, min. 10 mA/5 VAC/DC;
signalling contact: max. 1 A/24 VAC/DC, min. 100 μA/100 mVDC
No-load supply current I0≤ 70 mA
Max. fuse ratingUe: 0.25 A (slow blow);
output contacts: 4 A (gG/gN) incoming series-connected
Outputs2 enabling paths (2 NC or 1 NO/1 NC)
1 signalling contact (1 NC)
Switching voltagemax. 30 VAC/DC
Conditional short-circuit current100 A
Utilisation categoryAC-15; DC-13 (output contacts)
AC-12; DC-12 (signalling contact)
Rated operating isolation voltage Ui250 VAC
Rated impulse withstand voltage Uimp1.5 kV
Voltage drop at Iemax. 0.6 V
Overvoltage categoryIII
Switching frequencymax. 1 Hz
Attendance delay tv< 300 ms
Risk timemax. 165 ms
Degree of pollution3
Degree of protectionIP 69 (IEC/EN 60529)
Ambient temperature0 °C … +55 °C
Storage and shipping temperature–20 °C … +70 °C
Mechanical life50 mio. operations
Contact materialoutput contacts: AgSnO self-cleaning, positive-guided; signalling contact: AgNi, gold-plated
Contact resistanceoutput contacts: 100 mΩ in new condition; signalling contact: max. 30 mΩ
Connectionwiring compartment with socket screw clamps 8-pole
Cable entry3 x M20 x 1.5
Cable cross-sectionmin. 0.14 mm² / AWG 28
max. 1.5 mm² / AWG 16
NoteThe safety-related data are based on a load of 24 V / 0.1 A / DC-1 for the enabling paths. With higher load currents for the enabling paths and other requirement rates nop, the safety-related data vary from the given data and can be provided on request.

Ordering details

3 NC contacts

Type   Material no.  
Type    Material no.   
BZ 16-03F IP69 Extreme 1355632
Type    Material no.   
BZ 16-03T IP69 Extreme 1355634

1 NO/2 NC contacts

Type   Material no.  
Type    Material no.   
BZ 16-12F IP69 Extreme 1355627
Type    Material no.   
BZ 16-12T IP69 Extreme 1355630


Type   Material no.  
Type    Material no.   
Actuating magnet coded BZ 16-B1 1165032