Wireless receivers sWave.NET®

sWave.NET® Access Point

The sWave.NET® Access Point connects the sensor network to the sWave.NET® Gateway and the Sensor Bridge or, depending on the wireless infrastructure, directly to a backend system, e.g. an IP network. Power can be supplied externally or via an additional module with PoE (Power over Ethernet). The power consumption of an sWave.NET® Access Point is < 2 Watt.


sWave.NET® Gateway with Sensor Bridge

The Gateway with pre-installed sWave.NET® Sensor Bridge is easy to integrate in any shop floor environment. The sWave-NET® Sensor Bridge is the central communication interface connecting the higher-level services and systems with the lower-level wireless infrastructure. The Sensor Bridge can be used independently in all manner of systems and applications. In smaller systems, the Gateway can also, in parallel, be configured as an Access Point for sensor data. In addition, our API enables machine data and sensor data to be used for third-party solutions. Flexible interfaces enable the Sensor Bridge to be adapted to diverse systems, such as E-Kanban, Andon, ….

Access Point RF RxT-NET
  • sWave.NET® wireless technology (SW868/SW915/SW917/SW922)
Gateway RF RxT-NET-M
  • sWave.NET® wireless technology (SW868/SW915/SW922)