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For the wireless connection of position switches and sensors / Compact wireless universal transmitter added to sWave® range

The steute business unit "Wireless" is continually adding to its range of wireless switchgear and wireless sensors for both its sWave® wireless technology and its nexy wireless network.

One of the latest additions to the sWave® range is the RF 10 ST wireless universal transmitter. The RF 10 ST connects to the sWave® receiver unit via an external floating contact.

The difference between the previously available RF 96 ST universal transmitter – which will remain part of the product range – and the RF 10 ST is the latter's extremely compact dimensions of 40 x 36 x 20 millimetres. This makes it suitable for installation in tight spaces – without any wiring or laying of cables.

The device is easy to programme from the receiver side, and the output signal is also individually configurable in the receiver. Power is supplied by a replaceable lithium battery.

The term universal transmitter provides a clue: the RF 10 ST can also be combined with position switches from other manufacturers, provided that they have a floating contact with gold contact elements.


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