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Premiere at the Medica 2018 / New series of battery-powered wireless foot controls

At the Medica, steute Meditec will be launching a new series of wireless foot controls for universal use in medical equipment. The user interfaces in this series are so energy-efficient that they can be powered using conventional batteries. At the same time, they achieve very high safety and availability levels.

This foot control series has variants with one to four pedals and takes its place alongside the existing steute range of user interfaces as its new standard series of wireless foot controls.

Signals are transmitted to the medical device via the third and latest generation of steute wireless technology. This technology features considerably reduced power consumption in conjunction with higher (and configurable) transmission performance. Although power consumption is low, the response time is very fast: signal transmission from an already activated foot control takes just 20 milliseconds, while a control waking up from its energy-saving sleep mode transmits a valid signal just 50 to 60 milliseconds after actuation.

The low-energy wireless technology used by the new steute user interfaces means that, for the first time ever, conventional alkaline batteries (e.g. AA or C) can be used instead of a lithium ion rechargeable battery. Batteries therefore no longer need recharging, eliminating both the charging devices and the charging management, which in turn reduces the costs.

Using three C batteries in conjunction with a typical use profile, the on-board power supply lasts one and a half years. This means that device manufacturers can simply incorporate a battery change into their annual servicing routine. Should end users wish to change the batteries themselves, this is possible in a few easy steps and with no need for tools. The waterproof battery compartment simply has to be opened with a quarter-turn of the knob. The protection class of the foot control (up to IP X8) remains unaffected.

Just like its two predecessors, the latest steute Meditec wireless technology has been developed explicitly for the requirements of medical equipment. Since it works on the 2.4 GHz frequency band, it can be used throughout the world universally and free of charge. It achieves the high safety level SIL 3 to IEC 61508, as well as risk management classification for its software (EN 62304) in safety class C.

In addition to optimising its power supply and achieving a high level of transmission reliability and a long lifetime, the steute engineers attached great importance to the ergonomic design of this new foot control series, i.e. non-tiring and intuitive operation. Optional push buttons can be located above the pedals and are also actuated by foot. A folding bar enables the wireless foot controls to be positioned easily, while their wireless actuation gives users additional freedom of movement without the restrictions of a (potentially unhygienic) cable.


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