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Wireless is nothing to be afraid of

Wireless switching devices represent an alternative to cabled devices. Which applications are they suited to and what should engineers remember when using them? Andreas Schenk, Product Manager Wireless at steute Schaltgeräte GmbH & Co KG provides the answers.

Source: konstruktions praxis (04/2018)

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Wireless switching devices optimise press brakes

Wireless switching devices mean a high degree of flexibility. One example of this is in the press brakes made by Bystronic, where mechanical engineers employ remote control technology from the steute Wireless range, e.g. for communication between a press brake and a "mobile bending cell" automation unit.

Source: etz (04/2018)

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New freedoms

A short overview of wireless switchgear applications in the process industry shows: the reasons for using wireless switchgear vary tremendously. Users can choose between different wireless switch types and different wireless technologies.

Source: Verfahrenstechnik (04/2018)

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Bending and pressing - (Wireless) safety foot switches for metal forming

Remote control switches can be used in many ways in machines for metal forming, as demonstrated by three different examples. Wireless technology increases ergonomic comfort when operating press brakes and swing-folding machines, and it also plays a role in some new and unusual automation concepts.

Source: SPS-Magazin (04/2018)

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Dust risk eliminated

The conditions for switchgear in the processing or manufacturing of powders, pellets and other bulk goods are often adverse: regulations for dust explosion protection often apply, while dust pollution is often so great that conventional switching devices would have severely limited lifetimes.

Source: Chemie Technik (03/2018)

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Belt and braces: Ex protection and plant safety

Machine safety in explosive environments: when switchgear is required for this combined application, two different – and complex – sets of rules and standards have to be complied with, both of which make high demands on the products in question. Even though this field is a “niche within a niche”, users still have diverse options regarding their choice of safety switchgear and sensors, including the position switches with a safety function in the Ex 97 and Ex 99 series.

Source: ccp (01/2018)

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Eliminating cables has many advantages / New foot switch series for easy operation of press brakes, bending machines etc.

One movement of the foot: this is all that is required in order to start a casting or bending machine, or to perform a trial stroke with a press brake. Foot switches frequently represent a key element of the human-machine interface. Their appearance might have changed little, but they contain technical innovations providing considerable improved functionality and ergonomic comfort.

Source: Der Betriebsleiter (11-12/2017)

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Wireless detection / Position monitoring of hooks and booms on telescopic cranes

Not cabled, but cable-free: true to this motto, Paus is currently equipping one of its crane series with new safety features. Wireless switching devices monitor the position of the crane hook and the extension of the telescopic elements.

Source: Hebezeuge und Fördermittel (11/2017)

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Complete freedom for bending and pressing processes

In press brakes, wireless switches in various designs not only improve ergonomic comfort, but also contribute to flexible automation.

Source: konstruktions praxis (10/2017)

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Highest levels of safety even in niche applications / Safety switchgear for extreme environments

Explosion protection, functional safety and adverse environments such as damp, cold or corrosive elements: some applications require truly specialist switchgear – such as those to be found in the steute Extreme range.

Source: GIT-Sicherheit (09/2017)

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Foot contact welcome - Wireless foot controls for ergonomic and safe machine operation

In casting and forming plants, a foot control is an important element of the human-machine interface – also and especially regarding the triggering of safety-related functions. Now wireless safety foot controls are available for this task, providing users with improved ergonomic comfort and greater freedom of movement.

Source: md-Automation (09/2017)

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The Ex switch which came in from the cold - Switchgear and sensors for subzero applications

Canada, Kamchatka, Barents Sea: exploration and extraction of oil and gas as raw energy sources are increasingly taking place in regions which are freezing cold. Electrotechnical components also have to cope with minus degrees in other areas of process engineering. Switchgear and sensors are now available for just such applications, suitable for explosive environments and temperatures down to -60°C.

Quelle: P&A (07+08/2017)

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