Three ways to find the right switchgear - Our new product and warehouse structure

Diversity in nature and in technology
Razorbill, crested auklet and puffin: why are there 24 different species of »auk« birds alone? And why around 200 different types of finch? Because nature is adaptable and never tires of generating new variations. Over the course of millions of years, individual species have steadily become more and more differentiated. This principle of evolution was discovered and described by Charles Darwin based on the finches he found on the Galapagos Islands.

The steute switchgear range also displays considerable diversity. Over the years, the wishes and requirements of our customers have led to a steady generation of new series and variants. This is true of our catalogue range, as well as our »custom« switching devices which we develop especially for individual applications.

And this diversity is here to stay. We are happy to provide customers with individual switchgear – and will produce such devices on request. But in order to provide »completely normal« switchgear to those who require it fast, we have assigned each product in our wide range to one of three categories:

  • stock type
  • variant
  • custom solution

The category of each switching device is clearly marked in our online catalogue – so that you know: »If I order a stock type, I can expect speedy delivery.« We have a commitment to keep the numerous stock types in our warehouse and to produce more immediately if stocks get low – even without orders on hand.

This new product and warehouse structure creates transparency and shortens the wait from order to delivery.

At the same time we have made our entire online catalogue easier to handle – for example with intuitive and interactive navigation to give you a rapid overview of all product pages, naturally also in optimised form for mobile terminals.