Emergency pull-wire switches and belt alignment switches for safety in conveyor technology

Exceptional applications in extreme ambient conditions require the utmost versatility and reliability. In the following we will introduce you to our switchgear for conveyor technology, including the special properties and features of our ZS 92 series.

Switch control under Extreme conditions

The new robust ZS 92 switchgear series has been developed especially for Extreme conditions and is suitable for application in recycling plants, gravel pits and quarries, mining, landfill sites, coal-fired power stations, as well as fertiliser processing plants and heavy industrial mechanical and plant engineering. The die-cast aluminium housing, for example, is very robust and also corrosion-resistant, due to its multiple coating (passivation, base coat, powder coating).

The installation dimensions are compatible with the predecessor switch, the ZS 91, and with other readily available emergency pull-wire switches, making it easy to retrofit existing (conveyor) plants with new switches.

The metallic components are made of stainless steel. Application in Extreme temperatures from -40 °C up to +85 °C, as well as in very dirty environments, is guaranteed. The series is available in two basic designs: the ZS 92 S emergency pull-wire switch and the ZS 92 SR belt alignment switch.

Your benefits

  • For heavy-duty applications
  • Temperature resistant from -40 °C to +85 °C
  • Back and base mounting possible
  • High protection class IP 66/67
  • Corrosion-resistant aluminium housing
  • Wire length up to 2 x 100 m (ZS 92 S)
  • 9 different configurations for release and sliding levers (ZS 92 S)
  • Adjustable initial position of the roller lever (ZS 92 SR)
  • Individually adjustable switching points (ZS 92 SR)

The ZS 92 S emergency pull-wire switches guarantee, amongst other things, a reliable emergency-stop function and wire-break monitoring on larger machines.

New mechanics facilitate a wire length of up to 2 x 100 m and achieve significantly reduced release forces and paths when actuating the emergency stop function. This makes the safety switch easier to operate and also means that it reliably meets all the relevant international standards.

Also new is its level of flexibility: the ZS 92 S comes in nine different settings for lever release and unlocking. This means that it can be installed in nearly every conceivable operating position, including for the first time on the rear side of an object. Options open to users of the ZS 92 S include an LED indicator lamp and connection of the switch to the intrinsically safe "Dupline Safe" protocol via an integrated plug-in safety bus module.

Actuation by means of a turning lever is insensitive to external influences e. g. vibrations, differences in temperature etc. In the emergency-stop position the switch latches, and it can be unlatched again by actuating a reset lever. Emergency pull-wire switches can be adapted to individual applications with the aid of numerous accessories – also available in stainless steel.

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Video tutorial about the installation of a ZS 92 S emergency pull-wire switch

In this video we shall demonstrate how our ZS 92 S heavy-duty emergency pull-wire switch is installed alongside a conveyor belt at a gravel plant, guaranteeing reliable emergency-stop functioning and monitoring of wire breaks.

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ZS 92 SR belt alignment switches monitor the alignment of conveyor belts. A large stainless steel roller lever registers when the belt is running off centre between the conveying rolls, for example because it is unevenly loaded, and then – depending on its communication with the control unit – either corrects the alignment or stops the conveyor system.

An outstanding new feature are staggered contacts with individually adjustable switching points. The switching points for advance warning and for switching off can both be individually set within a range of 5-35°. This is made possible through a simple unlocking, shifting and latching of the switching inserts. The switch first generates a warning and at further actuation it stops the belt. These »pre-warning contacts« reduce the downtime of the conveyor: the operator still has a chance to react before the belt stops.

The initial position of the roller lever can be adjusted and thus adapted to suit the individual application. Optional extras for the steute ZS 92 SR include an LED indicator light.

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