Universal transmitters

The universal transmitters in the steute Wireless range enable different types of switches and sensors to be integrated in the sWave® infrastructure.

The RF 96 ST was developed as an external transmitter unit for the RF IS series of wireless inductive sensors. It also supplies the sensors with battery power. This universal transmitter switches via the RF IS, as well as via an external floating contact. Wiring and cable laying can therefore be eliminated.

This universal transmitter is also available in a version for explosive environments (Ex zones 1 and 21).

A second series enables up to four mechanical switching devices, such as cam switches in machine tools, to be be integrated in wireless systems, provided that they do not require their own power supply. This I/O box facilitates simple and maintenance-free signal transmission from e.g. switching devices installed on moving parts, such as grabbers or tools. This increases the availability of the overall plant and also simplifies construction. Very compact machines (machine parts), in which the elimination of cable ducts would be advantageous, represent a further application field.