The flexible solution for two-component injection moulding

By using wireless switching devices for two-component injection moulding, steute is able to close the gap between the need for technical flexibility and the solutions currently available in the marketplace.

During the entire production process, a wireless transmitter communicates the slide position inside the injection moulding tool, and thus also correct closing. Both potential repair costs and the overall effort of production can be considerably reduced.

The challenge here: external cables are not an option because of the rotary plates.

This problem disappears when a steute wireless universal transmitter (e.g. RF 96 ST in combination with ES 13 W) is used. Rotation is no longer hindered, and the entire process can run smoothly.

This wireless solution is not restricted to a specific steute product. Depending on the individual application, it is also possible to use the RF I/O and RF 96 ST wireless universal transmitters in combination with wireless inductive sensors. Another option is to connect the RF 10 ST with an external switching contact (with gold contact elements).

1. In two-component injection moulding with rotary plate technology, the tool rotates around its own axis 180° at a time (for two production steps).

2. The wireless sensor monitors the slide position inside the tool, and thus also correct closing.

3. The sensor communicates the precise position to the wireless universal transmitter.

4. The wireless universal transmitter communicates the precise status of the slide position throughout the production process.

5. Monitoring of the slide position enables the production process inside the tool to run smoothly.

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