Switchgear with special degree of protection


Moisture and dampness are often part of the environmental conditions in many application fields of automation. A lot of machines for food production are regularly cleaned by means of a high-pressure washer. In the ships technology and offshore applications the switchgear are also exposed to moisture – just to mention further examples – in cleaning plants or in conveyor systems erected in the open air. For all these applications steute offers high-quality switchgear in IP 66, IP 68 and IP 69 degrees of protection. The range comprises position switches, foot switches, pull-wire switches and safety sensors. „Tried and tested“ under extreme conditions.

Degree of protection IP 66 as per IEC/EN 60529

Many of the switching devices in the standard range made by steute are designed according to degree of protection IP 65 and IP 67 as per IEC/EN 60529. In addition, there are designs meeting even higher requirements regarding resistance to dampness and moisture. One of them is in IP 66 degree of protection. From a distance of 2.5 to 3.0 m, the devices are treated with splashing water which hits the switchgear from different directions at 100 l per minute. The jet diameter is 12.5 mm and the test duration is 1 min/m surface for at least 3 minutes.

Degree of protection IP 69 as per IEC/EN 60259

The test criteria for IP 69 degree of protection are as follows: devices are treated with a hot water jet at 80 °C with a hydraulic pressure of 100 bar from a distance of 100 mm and from different directions. It is thus guaranteed that devices can withstand high-pressure washer jets without their function being affected.

This requirement originated from vehicle construction – building machines are often cleaned in this way, for example. Switchgear protected according to IP 69 can also be applied in hygienic areas of the food industry, however, cleaned with high-pressure water jets and steam.

steute offers a comprehensive range of switchgear in IP 69, including foot switches, pull-wire switches and safety sensors, like the BZ 16, RC Si M30 and RC Si 56. They are well suited to applications till PL »e« per EN ISO 13849-1 or SILCL 3 per EN 62061.