Safeguarding a drill pipe wrench

One of the key components on an oil rig is the area where the drill pipe has new pipe units added to it as drilling progresses. Because the components are added automatically by handling units, this area needs to be protected.

Safeguarding a drill pipe wrench


Explosion protection regulations must be adhered to in this environment, as well as any other relevant branch-related guidelines. In addition to safeguarding the hazardous area surrounding the system, it is also necessary to have an emergency stop option in case of danger.


By using an Ex emergency pull wire switch, both safety requirements (safeguarding the hazardous area and an emergency stop function) can be covered by a single design. Two wire systems, placed one above the other, guarantee that nobody will enter the hazardous area. And should somebody pull one of the wires, the emergency stop function will be triggered and the system switched off.

Customer benefit

One device design for two functions. Since emergency pull wire switches are very robust and already used in many Extreme applications, they offer reliability at the highest level in this adverse environment. At the same time, this method of safeguarding is “lean”: additional protective fencing is unnecessary – yet without safety being compromised.

Safeguarding a drill pipe wrench