Helicopter fuelling system

Oil rigs, as well as larger ships, are supplied with materials and staff from the air, by helicopter. The helicopters can also be fuelled from this position. There are manufacturers who have specialised in providing complete fuelling systems for precisely this purpose.

Helicopter fuelling system


It is of course possible to conduct all the valve position monitoring exclusively with explosion-protected switchgear. In addition, switches should be as compact as possible and easy to integrate in the surrounding construction. Ideally the switch should be integrated in the valve itself because then mechanical damage to the valve can be avoided.


Monitoring of valve positions takes place using compact Ex position switches screwed directly into the valve housing through their front mounting plate. This results in a robust unit combining valve and position monitoring. As an alternative, it is also possible to use non-contact Ex magnetic switches or Ex inductive sensors.

Customer benefit

The Ex position switches or Ex sensors can be mounted quickly and easily, and no additional components are required to accommodate or drive the switches.

Helicopter fuelling system