Tank monitoring

Access points in plants containing tanks and other containers should be continually monitored in order to prevent theft, manipulation and damage. Often the flaps and doors at such access points are not used for months at a time, and they are also located in areas without a nearby power supply.

Tank monitoring


The switches selected for the monitoring of these access points need to be suitable for use out of doors. In the case of e.g. liquid gas tanks, explosion protection regulations also need to be adhered to.


Wireless position switches which work according to the “energy harvesting” principle reliably monitor  access points, that is the positions of doors and flaps. They do not need any batteries and therefore also require zero maintenance. Corresponding “wireless security” system solutions are also available in Ex protection versions. If a regular presence signal is required for safety reasons, battery-based wireless switchgear can be used. The wireless systems have a range in the free field of up to 700 m.

Customer benefit

The “wireless Ex” technology permits networks of wireless switchgear to be set up in explosive zones, removing the need for buying and laying complicated Ex-approved cabling.

Tank monitoring