Door monitoring

Is the door open or closed? When this is unclear and the site is extensive or the control room far away, position switches can help. A position switch with a suitable actuator is simply mounted on the door requiring monitoring. The switch then transmits a signal as soon as the door is opened. As an alternative to conventional cabled position switches, it is also possible to use a wireless variant.

Door monitoring


When using wireless switches it is important to clarify whether the range of the radio signal is sufficient. In addition, explosion protection standards need to be met if the plant or facility deals in energy management and stores or processes flammable materials which can become explosive if exposed to air.


This specification can be realised particularly elegantly with wireless position switches which work according to the “energy harvesting” principle. The kinetic energy created when the plunger is actuated is transformed by an electrodynamic energy generator into electrical energy. This small amount of energy is sufficient to transmit the radio signal to the receiver unit. This means that the switches need neither a cabled power supply nor signal wiring nor a battery. And especially interesting for energy-related applications: this technology is also available as “wireless Ex” for explosive zones.

Customer benefit

The wireless position switches can be mounted in the desired location very easily, without any cables having to be laid, and then moved to a different location later if required. Complete “wireless security” concepts can be realised on the basis of these wireless switches – also with “wireless Ex” switchgear.

Door monitoring