Range of application

Magnetic sensors are preferably applied as an alternative to mechanically operated limit switches in cases where unfavourable operating conditions such as high or low actuating speeds, large switching frequencies, extreme dirt or dust production, high humidity, chemical atmospheres, highly fluctuating actuating distances etc. occur. Even in the presence of aggressive materials, as well as in the food processing industry, safe switching is ensured through encapsulation of the contacts. In this way, magnetic sensors are e.g. suitable for movement and standstill monitoring on machines and systems, as electronic counters, as station switches on conveyor systems and high rack warehouses, as well as for position indication of flaps, slide feeds and valves.

In the lift industry, magnetic sensors are suitable for positioning and controlling lift cabins.

A further field of application is electronic control of the travel and position indication on pneumatic cylinders.

Design and operating principle

The magnetic sensors are actuated by an M series permanent magnet without any mechanical contact. The devices can be selected with NO, NC, change-over or bistable contacts. All magnetic sensors described in this chapter are supplied with pre-wired cable or plug-in connectors.

The magnetic sensors for control and positioning on pneumatic cylinders are actuated by permanent magnets fitted inside on the piston of the pneumatic cylinder.

The mounting site of magnetic sensors must be free of magnetic fields.

The magnetic sensors described in this chapter bear the CE mark according to the Low Voltage Directive 2014/35/EU.

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Magnetic sensors bistable contact, actuation from front
Magnetic sensors bistable contact, actuation from side
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